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Kamonrat Trongratanawong
Snowstorm de Kamonrat Trongratanawong de Jomthong (Bangkok)
Lugar: South Georgia Island
Descripción: Weather conditions in South Georgia Island are extremely difficult to predict. During heavy snowfall, sea birds shelter themselves by clinging onto the icebergs until the snowstorm finally passes.
Jari Heikkinen
Fisher de Jari Heikkinen de KOUVOLA ()
Lugar: Suomenniemi, Finland
Descripción: I was early in the morning to take pictures of Red-throated Divers. The light was very beautiful. I took pictures in my floating hide. Red-throated Divers did not care my floating hide. The other adult bird cleaned up its plumage in front of my hide. Red-throated Diver always has the same ritual before it leaves to go and bring fish for its young cubs. Suddenly, the other adult bird came back to the little pond with fish in its mouth. It swam near my floating hide and I took this picture.
Rupert Kogler
Topping de Rupert Kogler de Linz (Àustria)
Lugar: Traun-Danube Floodplains, Upper Austria, Austria
Descripción: There was only one day this particular winter with snow in the floodplains and I was lucky enough that this very kind kingfisher placed himself perfectly on this branch for a few seconds. I had choosen the frame already before, deeply hoping for the bird to appear before the snow melts. It's not often that I get exactely the frame I was thinking of and hoping for, but this time I could picture exactely what I wanted.
Arnfinn Johansen
Black Grouse in the sunrise de Arnfinn Johansen de Lillehammer (Oppland)
Lugar: Nannestad, Norway
Descripción: Male Black Grouse photographed in the sunrise on the 27 April 2015. April is leking season for the Black Grouse in Norway, were the males gather together on the marsh for display, fighting and finally mating with the females.
José Pesquero Gómez
Persecución alpina de José Pesquero Gómez de Pozuelo de Alarcon (Madrid)
Lugar: Pirineos (Lleida)
Descripción: Escena de acción de dos ejemplares adultos de Quebrantahuesos en plena persecución. Tomada en mes de invierno en el transcurso de una copiosa nevada (los trazos de nieve se pueden apreciar en el plumaje de los quebrantahuesos)
Dimas Serneguet Belda
Entre copas de Dimas Serneguet Belda de Paterna (València)
Lugar: Galve, Teruel
Descripción: Un picapinos se desplaza entre los árboles de la riera. Trato de captar un cierto efecto de movimiento utilizando una velocidad de obturación lenta en la cámara y compensada con la iluminación de tres flashes. Se emplea un filtro polarizador para equilibrar la luz del cielo.
Markus Varesvuo
Peregrine's lunch de Markus Varesvuo de Helsinki ()
Lugar: Ontario, Canada
Descripción: Driving along a rural road, I spotted a Peregrine pair (Falco peregrinus) hunting, and saw them catch a Feral Pigeon (Columba livia domestica). The female ate first, and when she was finally sated, the male snatched the scrappings and flew off with the remains of a feast of a lunch.
Erlend Haarberg
Forest tale de Erlend Haarberg de Jakobsli ()
Lugar: Stora Sjöfallet National Park, Sweden
Descripción: The Siberian jay (Perisoreus infaustus) is fearless and curious. You just need to sit still for a while and it will perch quite close to you. The bird thrives in dense, old coniferous forests. Small flocks fly around, softly chirping, going from tree to tree.
Erlend Haarberg
Silent wings de Erlend Haarberg de Jakobsli ()
Lugar: Muddus National Park, Sweden.
Descripción: Eurasian jay (Garrulus glandarius) flies silently in the fairy-tale Scots pine forest of the Muddus National Park. Although it is one of the most common corvids in Scandinavia, it is a shy and cautious bird, and Muddus is close to the northern limit of its distribution in Sweden.

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