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Adriano Morettin
Tylodina perversa de Adriano Morettin de Trieste ()
Lugar: Gulf of Rijeka, Croatia, North Adriatic Sea
Descripción: One of the best Mediterranean opistobranch Tylodina perversa taken with the technique of double exposure. This two consecutive shots was taken directly underwater with the same lens and without turning off the camera. For the first shot I used a snoot on the flash for isolate the subject and then I pointed my camera toward the sun for capture the light under the surface.
Adriano Morettin
On the lace center de Adriano Morettin de Trieste ()
Lugar: Lembeh strait, Indonesia.
Descripción: A couple of harlequin shrimps (Hymenocera picta) on blue seastar (Linckia laevigata) taken during my underwater photo dive in Lembeh Strait (Indonesia). I long dreamed of making this photo to the harlequin shrimps and when I finally saw them on the blue star I committed myself to the maximum to resume them with the snoot in the center of the star.
José Pesquero Gómez
Nessy de José Pesquero Gómez de Pozuelo de Alarcon (Madrid)
Lugar: Madrid
Descripción: Ejemplar de gallipato (Pleurodeles waltl) en su medio, captado con carcasa y fuente de luz continua
Davide Lopresti
Triton de Davide Lopresti de La Spezia (La Spezia)
Lugar: Portovenere - Italy
Descripción: Triton Alpestre, only spends the period of coupling underwater, fertilizing the female's eggs in a sort of dance moving his tail
Scott Portelli
Watchful eye de Scott Portelli de Mosman (NSW)
Lugar: Tonga
Descripción: Humpback whales are very protective of their newborn calves and will stay within close proximity. using grunts and whistles to communicate to her calf, she is always aware of where the curious youngster might be and always ready to move at a moments notice. In the deep blue tropical waters of the south pacific, humpbacks frequent the waters to give birth and nurture their young, preparing them for a long journey south to Antarctica. An adult humpback whale stands at 15-18 meters in length and in this instance hovers 5 meters below the surface as her calf takes a breath of air from the surface. the bond between mother and calf is always present.
Marc Casanovas Felix
Rape de Marc Casanovas Felix de Barcelona (Barcelona)
Lugar: Tossa de Mar
Descripción: A partir de Diciembre y Enero, tras los temporales de otoño, cuando el agua llega a su mínima temperatura es cuando tenemos la oportunidad de poder observar y fotografiar a los rapes en profundidades accesibles.
Marc Casanovas Felix
Espiral de Marc Casanovas Felix de Barcelona (Barcelona)
Lugar: Tossa de Mar
Descripción: Durante unos pocos días, a veces semanas, llegan a nuestras costas los sálpidos. En ocasiones, como este último año, llegan infinidad de ejemplares que convierten la zona más superficial del agua en algo parecido a una sopa de gelatina.
Massimo Giorgetta
pink portrait de Massimo Giorgetta de Latina (Latina)
Lugar: Indonesia - North Sulawesi - Lembeh
Descripción: I started diving with the guide on a crumbling black sand bottom from 5 mt to 30 mt during diving on 18 mt we meet an alcionary about 15 cm on which lives the pink porcellain crab (Lissoporcellana sp.), moved up and down and I photographed it and he was my model
Salvatore Ianniello
The mask de Salvatore Ianniello de Marano di Napoli (Napoli)
Lugar: Med.sea isle of Procida Italy
Descripción: As I watched the jellyfish, the crab will stop at the beginning of this cavity to take disbelief

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