Welcome to MontPhoto 2021


Welcome to Montphoto’s 2021 International Nature Photography and Video Contest, open to photographers and videographers will it be amateurs and professionals around the world and organised by the MontPhoto Association.

Our mission is to give value and promote the audio and visual arts and to contribute to the defense of nature.

The contest rewards the excellence of stills and videos. We are looking forward to see innovating and inspiring images and videos of original stories, unknown places, new perspectives of living beings, surprising behaviours or new interpretations of what is already known to us. We look for a glimpse that documents the diversity, beauty, mystery and fragility of life on our planet.

MontPhoto stands for respect towards Nature and that is why the work presented to this contest must truly show natural situations, respecting the authenticity of the scenery, conserving the living beings in their habitat and by all means avoiding their suffering and the disruption or interference with their behaviour.

Sections and Categories:




Ecological Report


Special category




Multimedia and video edits showing action, adventures or challenges out on the natural world.
Multimedia and video edits related to the natural world and the conservation of nature.

Awards, cash and non-cash prizes worth more than 37,000€ will be given away and distributed as following:

General Awards
· MontPhoto Honour Award: 2.000€ and diploma.
· The winner of each category: 500€ and diploma.
· Second prize for each category: 300€ and diploma.
· 5 Highly Commended awards by category: Diploma.

Special Awards
· First prize 'Nature from Home': 300€ and diploma.
· 6 Honorary mentions 'Nature from Home': Diploma.
· Special Award Girona’s region: 300€ and diploma.
· Special Award Lloret de Mar: 300€ and diploma.
· Olympus Special Award “Be free”: 300 € and diploma

Young Awards
· 3 Awards in young category (until 14 years old): One photographic experience with a partner company.
· 3 Awards in young category (15-17 years old): One photographic experience with a partner company.

Portfolio awards
· First prize PORTFOLIO: 1.000 € and diploma.
· 5 Honorary mentions: Diploma.
Every awarded Portfolio will have access to a commented review at the Festival and are elegible to be published in a magazine of great mass printing.

Video awards
· First prize for each category: 500 € and diploma.
· Honorable mention per category: Diploma.

· 2 awards given to the best photographs of its members to all contest categories..

All runner-ups will receive a copy of the book “Inspired by Nature”, an invitation to the Gala Awards ceremony, as well as a hotel night in a double room with breakfast included.

Payment should be made through PayPal or credit card, following the instructions on our website.

- GENERAL: Registration fee costs 20 or 25 €.
- IRCC CERTIFICATE: Registration fee for participants with IRCC validation is 15 or 20 €.
- ONLY VIDEO: 10 o 15 € for video category.
- ONLY GRANT: 10 o 15 € for the presentation of projects.
- YOUTH: Registration for photographers under 18 years old is free in every case.

Registration Pre registration deadline Deadline Remarks
Starts 1st March 31st March 30th April
General 20 € 25 € Whole access
IRCC membership (raw) 15 € 20 € Whole access
Only grant 10 € 15 €
Only video 10 € 15 €
With the GENERAL registration fee, each participant can enter the contest with up to a maximum of 25 photographs freely distributed in the general categories of the contest, 1 for the portfolio reportage with a range that goes from 10 to 15 images, 1 entry in each video category and a project for the 2021-2022 grant.
For those who wish to opt only for video or only for the grant, the registration fee is from 10€ (pre registration) or 15 €

Closing Date: April 30 2021:
You can enter your images to the competition through the website until April 30 2021 at 23.59 hours (CET).

The MontPhoto Jury are currently being selected.

The participation is exclusively on-line.
We highly recommend going through the detailed contest rules for Photography and Multimedia.

The contest organizers will contact you from one of the following e-mail address: Please, include it in your e-mail agenda to avoid blocked communications by the security and anti-spam systems.

Rules of procedure have been supervised in collaboration with AEFONA (Spanish Association of Nature Photographers), Catalan Nature Photographers’ Society (SCFN) and IRCC and considering also the guide lines given by the IFWP, the CEF (Spanish Confederation for Photography), FCF (Catalan Federation of Photography) and FAF (Andalusian Federation of Photography).



A-Mountain activity: Photographs that show sportive mountain activities such as alpinism, climbing, skiing, canyoning, white waters, caving or any other activity related to mountaineering.

B1-Mammals: Mammals, at any stage of their life.
B2-Birds: Birds, at any stage of their life.
B3-Other animals: Animals, at any stage of their life, not included in B1 and B2 categories, such as amphibians, reptiles, etc.
B4-Plant Life: Plant species in their original habitat, including fungus.
B5-Landscape: Non-harmed nature landscapes.
C-Underwater world: Underwater taken images (freshwaters or salted waters) of flora and fauna and habitat.

Ecological report
D-Ecological report: Images showing any element or activity caused by humans (or their consequences) that affects or interferes negatively over any natural area (wild fauna and flora, land, water, air, climate or the natural scenery).
Images must show clearly and unequivocally the reported activity or element as the main subject. Originality will be very specially valued, as well the message and the work setting out reflection elements that help to wake up environmental awareness.
The author has to explain the report. In order to do so, it is recommended to enclose documental information that reinforces it. The jury will have access to this information during the selection phases.

E-Art in nature: Creative compositions or abstractions based in the nature environment.

Special category COVID
F-Nature from home: Photographs that portray wild nature (animals, plants, and landscapes) taken at or from home. The integration of photography in the domestic environment will be valued, as well as the description that enriches the image with comments or details.

G-Nature Portfolio: An ordered collection of about 10 to 15 photographs that tell a story. They must have individual quality and a combined narrative power. The reportage must have unity, coherence and harmony. The story can be inspiring, provocative or revealing about any area of the natural environment.

Special Awards:

· Girona’s region. Will be eligible the images presented in all general categories of the contest taken in Girona’s region.

· Special Award Lloret de Mar. Will be eligible the images presented in all general categories of the contest taken in the village of Lloret de Mar.

Olympus Special Award 'Be free'. Any photograph that represents freedom of nature or the creative freedom of the author can opt to this award. The photos will be among those presented in all categories regardless of the camera used.

To apply for the Special Awards, you have to tick on your images the desired option when registering.

The Competition is open to amateur or professional nature photographers worldwide. Members of MonPhoto's Organisation, contributors and sponsors of the contest, and members of the Jury (nor the families of all these) are excluded from participate.

Each author can participate through one sole inscription with a maximum of 25 photographs that can be distributed across the different general categories of the contest, one portfolio reportage, one entrant in each video category and the opportunity to present a project for the grant.

· The first step is to register on the website:
· Once registered, the platform gives the option to formalize the inscription to the contest.
· Uploading the photographs will be allowed once the payment of the entry fee is done.
· The uploaded images can be modified at any time until the inscription deadline. Inscriptions will be automatically closed at 23:59 hours on April 30, 2021.

The picture format must be JPEG, converted to colour space sRGB with embedded profile. The size of the file must be 1,920 pixels on its bigger side.

Participants entering with IRCC validation have to do so with all their images. No original RAW will be demanded in the course of the contest.

The rest of contesters under general registration, the organizers will request the raw files of ALL the photographs that reach the final phase of the contest on June 11th, 2021. From this date, participants will have eight days to upload their RAW files. If your pictures reach the last stage of the competition and you know in advance that you will be out of reach within those days, please contact the organization in advance.

If convenient, we might demand the raw files at any other previous stage of the contest. Should the raw file not be presented, then the picture will be disqualified.
Images not complying with the required format standards will be rejected.

Photographs demanded for printing will have to exceed 10MP (megapixels). All participants need to have the original raw files, as well as copies in JPEG or TIFF format for printing in case it is demanded by the organization.

Cropped images will be accepted if they do not exceed a cropping of 35% and the resulting image has a size of over 10 MP without interpolation.

Photographs consisting of multiple exposures on camera are allowed, provided they have been taken in the same sequence, place and time and checked the image metadata tags.

All checking, verification and accreditation of authenticity of the photographs submitted to the contest will be carried out by facing the JPG edited image with its original RAW and carrying out a complete diagnosis of the editing / development actions on the original, both globally and by zones.

Photographs won't be accepted if we detect the following:

- Modifications not allowed on the original photograph, such as distortion on dimensions or perspective transformation.
- Excessive global or partial processing processing values.
- Detection of alteration or modification of pixels in specific areas of the image (removing, cloning or manipulation).
- RAW obtaining options not allowed as “Overlay” or “Multiple Non-Sequential Exposure”.

If an evident will on the part of the author is detected to deceive the public in a malicious way, we reserve the right to disqualify all his or hers images submitted to the contest.

More information on the accepted technical requirements and test can be found on the website

  • Domestic and farm animals, as well as cultivated plants, are not admitted. It is compulsory to indicate if the animal is captive, if it has been trained or if any actions have been used to induce a special behaviour in the moment of taking the picture.
  • Photographs must have been taken during the last four years (after 01 January 2018 )
  • Presenting the same picture, or a similar one, in more than one category is not allowed.
  • MontPhoto awards the originality of the works, so images awarded in any other international contest (absolute winner or category winners) cannot be awarded in this one. Finalists, honourable mentions and similar will be accepted.
  • Photographs cannot have frames, edges, water marks nor captions.

    Every image must include a caption with the following information:

  • Description of the image with the behaviour observed.
  • The exact place and country.
  • Indicate any circumstances associated and relevant to the place where the photograph has been taken (nature reserve, national park, hunting reserve, etc.).
  • Technical information (i.e. camera, lens, exposure –aperture and speed-, ISO value, any specialized equipment, etc.).
  • Any post-production indicated in point 7 of the technical requirements indicated in the present rules.
MontPhoto´s ethics code is based in AEFONA’s decalogue of actions and IRCC’s Ethic Manifest.
We highly recommend all participants to read and apply to these guidelines.
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