You can now participate in MontPhoto 2024. The 28th edition of this prestigious competition kicks off.

The MONTPHOTO international nature photography contest is up and running once again this year. One of the most prestigious and long-established photography competitions in Europe, ...


Murder in the night, MontPhoto Honorary Award 2023

Murder in the night, by the chinese photographer Xingchao Zhu, is the winner of the MontPhoto 2023 Honorary Award. The image shows a manul or Palla's cat, a feline which looks ...


MontPhoto FEST 2023, a special event

This year we are holding a special MontPhoto, a little more familiar to us, where the stars are more closely linked to our organisation, without being any less appealing than in previous ...


MontPhoto’s GRANT at the “OFF Festival” in Perpignan

Adriana Claudia Sanz and her project”Hooded grebe, a new dawn”, winner of the MontPhoto 2021-2022 grant, will be on show at the Walter Benjamin Contemporary Art Centre ...


Members news:

Primera trobada social i tradicional calçotada

05/02/2024 | Published by: MontPhoto

El passat dissabte, 3 de febrer va tenir lloc la primera assemblea de socis de manera presencial fent-la ...

Exposició fotogràfica del Mar a la Muntanya

05/02/2024 | Published by: Pablo Ntutumu

Exposició fotogràfica a Blanes. Del 5 al 29 de febrer al Casal Cívic de Can Borell. "Fotografia ...

El proper dissabte, trobada de socis i calçotada

31/01/2024 | Published by: MontPhoto

El proper disabte, dia 3 de febrer ens retrobarem de nou per celebrar la tradicional calçotada. Una ...

Inauguració de l'exposició

26/01/2024 | Published by: Jordi Chamague Sans

Inauguració de l'exposició "ALASKA. La darrera frontera" dilluns 29 de gener ...



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