The jury have finished all the deliberations for the 25th edition of the contest.

The different members of the juries have finished all the deliberation of MontPhoto 2021, for individual photo, portfolios, video and grant. A very complex and arduous process in which they have worked really hard, with great dedication and professionalism to select the best images and projects. Several rounds of selection and long debates were needed to come up with all the winners that make up the selection for this 2021 edition The awards and mentions for each category, the special awards and ...


Delay in final verdict MontPhoto 2021

Dear friends, The Jury is having a very difficult time selecting the winning images in this edition. Surprising, beautiful and inspiring photographs that make the jury hold days of great debate and dedication, so you will need more time to reach a final decision. We ask you for a little patience and we will inform you shortly by email about the results of photography, portfolios, video and grant. As soon as we have the jury's decision we will let you know. In your personal access to the ...


Thanks for your participation

Dear friends, thanks once again for the constant support you always give to MontPhoto with your participation. This is a special year as we celebrate its 25th edition of the contest, but unfortunately submerged in a humanitarian and economic crisis due to a pandemic from which we hope we all, inhabitants of the planet, will get over it as soon as possible. We, the entire MontPhoto team, feel honored by your trust and we can safely assure you without fear of being wrong that the jury will have a very difficult ...

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