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Cristiana Damiano

Monfalcone (Italy)

Born in Trieste in 1975, currently based in Monfalcone (GO).
Cristiana approaches photography in 2010, but her passion for nature has always existed, since she was a child.
She spends her free time in the nature, in search of wild and unspoiled corners which are more and more rare. 
She likes to remain isolated from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to find the serenity and peace that only nature provides.
From the immensity of  landscapes to the details of microcosm, everything charms her.
She likes to show people what everyone can find just "around the corner" and that too often goes unnoticed, hoping to be able to sensitize people towards respecting the environment through her photos.
She consideres herself a lucky person to have such a great passion to travel at sunrise or in the sunset to near or far places, to admire the lights that adorn the natural world, and create the exciting, magical atmosphere that she tries to catch. 

All her pictures are made respecting the subject and its environment, a "conditio sine qua non" for her vision of nature photography where she puts ethics first, then shooting.

Cristiana has received multiple national and international awards. To present her images at photography events, she also uses multivisions.

AFNI member from 2013 .
Supporter and promoter for Italy of Nature First Photography since 2020.

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