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Coral laces de Sergey Shanin de Moscow (Rússia)
Lugar: Philippines
Descripción: Soft corals form ornate beautiful structures like laces. These corals are remarkable for their bright colours, including violet, red, orange, and yellow.

Sergey Shanin

1º premio / V. P.
 Mención de honor
Winter paint de Enrico Montanari de Maranello (Modena)
Lugar: Calamone Lake, Apennines, Italy
Descripción: It was a very disappointing photographic day that day. Totally gray sky, no light and cold wind. I was returning home, sad, looking down on the path when some lines near the iced lake shore captured my attention. The dried plants bent by the weight of the snow and the ice molded by the wind painted a “two-dimensional abstract landscape” that I photographed pointing the camera towards the ground.

Enrico Montanari

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
Laberinto de David Barrio Colongues de Las Palmas (Las Palmas)
Lugar: Indonesia-Papúa
Descripción: Toma de aproximación de un coral duro con una cámara previamente programada para conseguir una imagen de contraste

David Barrio Colongues

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
Tapestry de David Maitland de Feltwell ()
Lugar: UK
Descripción: The wonderful taste and smell of Asparagus comes from the chemical Asparagine. Here crystallised from the European asparagus, Asparagus prostrates. Its beautiful crystal structure is revealed under a microscope through the use of polarized light. Asparagine functions in the plant's nitrogen metabolism, wound defence, and against microbial attack.

David Maitland

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
In the snowstorm de Marco Gaiotti de genova (ge)
Lugar: Onneto Lake, Hokkaido
Descripción: Maple trees on the shores of Onneto lake in a heavy snowstorm. The frozen surface of the lake, covered by a thin layer of white fresh snow, seems to frame the textures of the maple trunks standing in front of the dark forest.

Marco Gaiotti

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
The burning forest de Marco Gaiotti de genova (ge)
Lugar: Deadvlei, Namibia
Descripción: The dead acacia trees near Sossusvlei stand in front of a huge dune in the Namib desert, at sunrise. Those trees are believed to have died almost 400 years ago, and their logs were perfectly preserved by the extremely dry environment of the desert.

Marco Gaiotti

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
Udaberri Berria de Iosu Garai Ibabe de Legazpi (Gipuzkoa)
Lugar: Sierra de Urbasa, Nafarroa
Descripción: Primeras hojas en un bosque de hayas que despierta del invierno.

Iosu Garai Ibabe

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
Colour pebells de Daróczi Csaba de Soltvadkert ()
Lugar: Poland
Descripción: The picture was taken at the Baltic cost. There was a strong wind composing the sand into unique shapes. These colourful pebbles provided extremly interesting composition arranged by the water and the wind.

Daróczi Csaba

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
Systematic Chaos de Mauro Tronto de ANCONA (Italia)
Lugar: Campotosto (AQ) - Italy
Descripción: Located in the upper valley of Aterno, within the astonish landscape of the Gran Sasso National Park and Laga Mountains, the Campotosto Lake at 1,313mt in Autumn is a display of impressive surprises. The snow can donate to the landscape unique textures and elements, synthetic expression of the deep mutation of the natural way of becoming

Mauro Tronto

Mención de honor
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