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 1º premio
Air Dynamics de Jan van der Greef de Driebergen (Paises Bajos)
Lugar: Rome, Italy
Descripción: Starling flocks have been mesmerizing myself for over 15 years. In particular the high dynamic nature of self-organization, when peregrine falcons attack, are amazing in structure and form. I could capture such a wonderful moment in Rome when over a million starlings where gathering near sunset.

Jan van der Greef

1º premio
 Mención de honor
Eleven crows de Csaba Tokolyi de Budapest ()
Lugar: Hortobágy National Park, Hungary
Descripción: Ten crows perching on a dried up tree and an eleventh just flying in. The location is very near to the spot where the biggest colony of crows nest in Hungary.

Csaba Tokolyi

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
Sixer huddle 5 de Gunther Riehle de kirchheim (baden wuerttemberg)
Lugar: Antarctica
Descripción: Aptenodytes forsteri. Emperor Penguin. I was dreaming to get to this location for 5 years. We were camping on 3 m thick frozen sea water, just 1.5 miles away from a big emperor penguin colony, with lots of mega cute chicks. I was dreaming to have “bad” weather there shortly after arrival. And I was lucky, we arrived on location in sunshine, but for next day was already a multi day snow storm forecasted …….. I concentrated especially on taking images of the adorable chicks in the harsh conditions of their environment. The image shows young emperor penguins forming a huddle in a severe snow storm to protect themselves against the storm and cold.

Gunther Riehle

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
Inferno de Nick Hawkins de Upper Kingsclear (New Brunswick)
Lugar: Costa Rica
Descripción: Great wildlife images can come from the most unlikely of places, as was the case for me while photographing in Northwestern Costa Rica. It was the height of the dry season and hundreds of black vultures had gathered at a local landfill to feed amongst the piles of burning garbage. Warm light from the setting sun was streaming through the smoke. I made this image when a truck bringing a fresh load of trash flushed a group of the feeding birds.

Nick Hawkins

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
Clash de Bence Máté de Pusztaszer (Hungria)
Lugar: Kiskunság National Park, Hungary
Descripción: When two kin of Grey Herons with similar facilities are meeting, it is inevitable to avoid fighting. Birds don’t like the presence of other kin, except their couple or descendants. Because of this, they often fight each other.

Bence Máté

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
Air battle de Bence Máté de Pusztaszer (Hungria)
Lugar: PN Kiskunság (Hungría)
Descripción: Batalla de garcetas grande (Ardea alba) en el Parque Nacional de Kiskunság. La rivalidad entre congéneres es frecuente, incluso fuera de la época de cría y habiendo suficiente comida.

Bence Máté

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
Esperando el sol de Manuel Enrique González Carmona de Camas (Sevilla)
Lugar: Marismas del Guadalquivir-Sevilla-España
Descripción: Con la llegada del otoño, las Marismas del Guadalquivir se llenan de cormoranes que pasan aquí todo el invierno. Desde sus posaderos, esperan pacientemente la llegada del sol, para poder secar sus alas. En esta ocasión el astro rey tardaría en hacer acto de presencia, debido a la intensa niebla que cubría la zona. Tras varias jornadas de asistencia al lugar, este fue el único día que pudimos observar todos los posaderos ocupados.

Manuel Enrique González Carmona

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor  Votación popular
Between My Feathers de Mohammad Murad de Hateen ()
Lugar: Hungary
Descripción: White Tailed Eagle Landed and Running Towards A Fish Which Was Caught By The Crows .. I Spent 12 Hours Daily For In A Hide To Get This Shot As It Is .. I Always Wanted To Catch A Bird's Eye Between Its Feather In Flight! Its Really Hard And You Have To Be Lucky! I Believe I Was Lucky To Capture This Shot While Landing

Mohammad Murad

Mención de honor / V. P.
 Mención de honor
Glaucidium cuculoides In the hollow of the tree de Minghui Yuan de Wuhan (Hubei)
Lugar: Wuhan City-Hubei-China
Descripción: An accidental opportunity, I saw a dead tree on the hole in the tree into a Glaucidium cuculoides. I found that the texture of the tree is very beautiful, and its trunk is like a historical relic. I have observed this kind of bird for about a month. I am looking for a a ladder and on the nearby trees take a camouflaged bunkers. I quietly wait for noctus Athene to appear next to its nest. The Glaucidium cuculoides often waits for its prey in its nest, and I and Glaucidium cuculoides are waiting for a wonderful time here.

Minghui Yuan

Mención de honor
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