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 1º premio  Premio de Honor MontPhoto
The herd de Lorenzo Shoubridge de settimo vittone (torino)
Lugar: Apuan Alps
Descripción: a group of wolves move sinuously in the night in search of their prey by exploiting a hunting path in front of Monte Corchia in the Apuan Alps chain. In spite of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, the park and its surrounding areas are under attack every day by the marble industry which crumbles the mountains and irreparably pollutes the waters by continually changing the landscape irreversibly, ins

Lorenzo Shoubridge

1º premio / P. H. M.
 2º premio
Mara Crossing with a Centerpiece de Artur Stankiewicz de Zgorzelec ()
Lugar: Serengeti, Tanzania
Descripción: One of the most memorable wildebeest crossing I witnessed in August 2019 in northern Sernegeti - a giraffe in the middle of the Mara river with gnu moving in orderly fashion around it through the water. The very special sighting that was witnessed only by three of us in one vehicle. The absence of other cars allowed for admiration of this nature's amazing spectacle in a complete peace and harmony

Artur Stankiewicz

2º premio
 Mención de honor
Hide and Seek de Henrik Spranz de Vienna (Vienna)
Lugar: Lower Austria/near Vienna
Descripción: A European ground squirrel [Spermophilus] seems to hide behind a dandelion. It's always a pleasure to watch the European ground squirrels. They are a threatened species and usually you can find them on public places like golf courses or camping sites as their natural habitats are getting smaller and smaller.

Henrik Spranz

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
Fox and mosquito de Matt Maran de London ()
Lugar: London, England
Descripción: A fox is distracted from drinking at a water trough by a mosquito. There was a great element of luck to this picture as the mosquito happened to be in the same focal plane as the fox when shutter fired. One of those unique moments in nature photography when you capture something completely unexpected!

Matt Maran

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
The World Is Going Upside Down de Thomas Vijayan de Oakville (Ontario)
Lugar: Borneo
Descripción: Orangutan means "man of the forest" in the Malay language. There are 3 varieties of Orangutan, the one in this picture is Bornean Orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus). Adult male orangutans can weigh up to 200 pounds. Flanged males have prominent cheek pads called flanges and a throat sac used to make loud verbalizations called long calls. They mainly feast on wild fruits. Habitat loss is effecting them.

Thomas Vijayan

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
Fox City de Peter Mather de Whitehorse (Yukon)
Lugar: Whitehorse, Yukon
Descripción: A red fox surveys its' domain during a Christmas snowstorm. Whitehorse is home to a healthy urban fox population with over two dozen dens within the small Canadian town. The red fox is an 'edge species', which means they naturally occur at the borders between two habitats. They thrive in communities with abundant green spaces, where they can hunt birds, mice, voles and ground squirrels.

Peter Mather

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
Wolf pack de Mateusz Piesiak de Wroclaw ()
Lugar: Bialowieza National Park, Poland
Descripción: A group of wolves in the heart of Polish forest in Bialowieża National Park. In wildlife photography there are days when you come back home without a single photo in your card, but sometimes you get lucky. While exploring the forest I saw this group of wolves. I quickly laid down and slowly took out my camera. My heart was beating like crazy. For such moments you live!

Mateusz Piesiak

Mención de honor
Participación Joven
 Mención de honor
Lince ibérico de Andrés Luis Domínguez Blanco de Ubrique (Cádiz)
Lugar: Sierra de Andújar, España
Descripción: Lince ibérico a contraluz al atardecer en el parque natural "Sierra de Andújar”. En época de celo los linces recorren su territorio y es más fácil verlos. Después de unos días intentándolo tuve la suerte de poder hacer esta foto a contraluz.

Andrés Luis Domínguez Blanco

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
Halo of Dust de Hannes Lochner de Hoedspruit (Limpopo)
Lugar: Chobe National Park, Botswana
Descripción: In the summermonths and towards the end of the dry season in the Chobe National Park in Botswana, the elephants gather around the waterholes and can walk
up to 50 miles to get there. Dust fill the air and big bulls fight through the evening for the best spots around the waterhole. This evening I used a flash
into my wide angle lens to give it a halo and the dust formed small circles within.

Hannes Lochner

Mención de honor
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