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Culled de Marc Graf de Mürzzuschlag ()
Lugar: Slovenia
Descripción: Slovenia is allowed to cull a certain number of bears each year. Culling is legal in Slovenia however highly controversial. In the EU, brown bears are protected by law and in many neighboring countries such as Italy and Austria the number of bears is still very low. However, Slovenia plans to reduce its bear numbers by shooting them.

Marc Graf

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The Face of our Apathy de Neil Aldridge de Kenn (North Somerset)
Lugar: Kent, UK
Descripción: A red fox (Vulpes vulpes) looks out from the safety of her rehab enclosure at a secure location in Kent, UK. Her face bares the wounds of a brutal dog attack and is a reminder of our apathy towards the natural world. The infection has eaten away at her face, permanently exposing her teeth. She will return to a wild life thanks to the work of the Fox Project.

Neil Aldridge

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Captive de Marcus Westberg de Åkersberga (NA)
Lugar: China
Descripción: A captive giant panda, used for breeding, in a center in southern China. Like greenwashing, we must not let ourselves be satisfied with terms such as "sustainable" or "breeding program" but look beyond words to see whether what we are doing truly benefits the planet.

Marcus Westberg

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
Human traces de Gheorghe Popa de Aiud (Alba)
Lugar: Geamana, Apuseni Mountains, Romania
Descripción: In 1977, over 400 families living in Geamana village were evacuated so that this place would be turned into a tailings pond for the waste generated by the copper mine. One of the largest gold and copper ores in Europe and the largest copper ore in Romania is located at Roșia Poieni. Location: Geamana, Romania.

Gheorghe Popa

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
Birds on sale de Joan de la Malla de Barcelona (Barcelona)
Lugar: Surabaya, Indonesia
Descripción: The Pasar Burungs are literally avian markets where animals are on sale. They are very common in some cities of the island of Java in Indonesia and besides birds they sell many other animal species. In these markets the animals, which are confined in small cages and treated poorly, await to be sold and taken to a home.

Joan de la Malla

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
This is my jungle! de Sergey Savvi de Saint-Petersburg (Saint-Petersburg)
Lugar: Yala NP, Sri Lanka
Descripción: The photo shows a problem, that not all visitors of National parks obey the rules. They sometimes feed wild animals and don't avoid close contacts with them. The truck comes close to toppling over as one fearful passenger even hangs from its side in a bid to avoid the upset animal. Moreover elephant was in a musth - a periodic condition characterized by highly aggressive behavior.

Sergey Savvi

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
Parco Delle Star, Zoo Of The Stars de Britta Jaschinski de London (London)
Lugar: Italy
Descripción: This photo is part of an investigation commissioned by the Born Free Foundation, to obtain evidence of poor conditions in zoos, especially in illegal zoos across Europe.

Britta Jaschinski

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