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 1º premio  Premio de Honor MontPhoto
Ghost de Will Burrard-Lucas de Wooburn Green (Buckinghamshire )
Lugar: Laikipia, Kenya
Descripción: A long exposure camera trap photograph of a leopard. The Camtraptions camera trap was set up to expose stars but the moon came up and resulted in this ghostly impression which captures the essence of these elusive cats.

Will Burrard-Lucas

1º premio / P. H. M.
 2º premio
Emancipación de Sergio Marijuan Campuzano de Madrid (Madrid)
Lugar: Sierra Morena Oriental (Ciudad Real)
Descripción: In the last years, due to the colonization and re-introduction of specimens, the Iberian lynx have been approaching more humanized spaces. Demonstrating a goodies of these areas, a female started to use a old haystack to breed. In the photo, one of this lynx juveniles take a look to the camera.

Sergio Marijuan Campuzano

2º premio
 Mención de honor
Urban Fox de Matt Maran de London ()
Lugar: London, England
Descripción: A fox curls up on green outside a row of Victorian houses in north London. She has dominated her territory for 5 years and must have an encyclopaedic knowledge of her surroundings. I have go to know her well and she fully trusts my presence. It's a privilege to be so close to these beautiful, highly intelligent creatures. They have found salvation in our cities and survive against all the odds.

Matt Maran

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
Isolation de Kevin Morgans de Birkenhead (Choose...)
Lugar: Scottish Highlands
Descripción: Photographing mountain hares can be a challenge, you are often exposed to the harshest weather a day in the Scottish mountains can throw at you. But this is what I love, batting against the elements, a sense of adventure searching for these elusive animals. Only by spending time in these difficult conditions can you truly showcase, the hardship mountain hares face each Winter.

Kevin Morgans

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
Acrobatic Fishing 3 de Thomas Vijayan de Oakville (Ontario)
Lugar: Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska, USA
Descripción: It is always nice to see the Grizzly bears fishing. Although it is a common sight to watch them hunting, yet each grizzly bear has their own technique to hunt fish. In this picture the fish thankfully got escaped. But the uniqueness of this picture is the speaking eyes the fish; it was the moment of life or death. I am sure a million thoughts must have rolled through the mind of both.

Thomas Vijayan

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
Light therapy de Daróczi Csaba de Soltvadkert (Bács-Kiskun)
Lugar: Hungary
Descripción: Not far from our town there is a nice unspoilt area. It's swampy most of the year, and the vegetation is so dense, it's almost impossible for people to get in there. It's a good hideout for wild animals, of course, and a lot of deer spend the whole day here. I've been photographing them with drones for years because they're beautiful in this environment.

Daróczi Csaba

Mención de honor
 Mención de honor
Snow Monster de Amit Eshel de KFAR HAHORESH ()
Lugar: Steppe zone, Eastern Mongolia
Descripción: On February 2020 I was in the steppe zone in eastern Mongolia in search of the elusive Pallas's Cat. After 6 full days of searching we were lucky to find this cat lurking for prey in the snowy steppe. The cat was covered in fresh snow which made him look like an unfamiliar creature - a snow monster! The Pallas’s cat is listed as 'Near Threatened' on The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Amit Eshel

Mención de honor
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